Asbury Performing Arts Conservatory (APAC)

WCU APAC Dance Program Brochure

WCU APAC Brochure
will be "Rolling Out New Programs!" 
at the "Blue Bishop Community Outreach Day"
Springwood Avenue Asbury Park, NJ 07712
DATE:  August 19, 2017
TIME:  1:00pm - 4:00pm

Westside Jumpers
Double Dutch
Do you remember growing up and always have something cool and fun to do, whether at school, church or any other outside organization? Wouldn’t it be great if all children in the community could have those same happy memories? Asbury Performing Arts Conservatory Program can help you and your child make it happen by signing up today.
The idea is simple; parents, teachers, law enforcement, businesses, young adults, businesses, concerned citizens and community members can volunteer to make this happen! It's fun and energizing - reminding everyone of the simple joy and pleasures that we had as youth growing up in the same community in which we live today!  Plus, we will get to feel a part of the solution instead of the problem; this would be a healthy start and a chance to renew your community spirit with friends, family and neighbors.
But for most communities, these activities are offered within the community every year, so now is the time to offer this opportunity to our children, letting them enjoy their youth as we once did!  Our children are our most prize possession and it only takes a few of us to get involved and offer this opportunity to our growing youth.
You can't imagine what we might be starting!

Westside Steppers
Drill Team/Stepping Squad